Video of Lynx Crossing Rt. 11 in Northern Maine

A recent facebook video shows a group of adorable Lynx crossing Rt. 11 in Grindstone, Maine which is between Millinocket and Sherman.

Lynx Crossing the Road by
Rob Michaud

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, the Canadian Lynx is federally a threatened species and a species of special concern in the State of Maine.  They are more commonly found in Western and Northern Maine, where snow depths are deepest in the state, but the species is expanding into eastern sections of Maine.

Lynx heading down the snowbank on to Rt. 11 in Grindstone Maine. Photo by Rob Michaud

Right now male lynx are on the move to find female mates, so maybe sites like this will be happening more commonly now that it’s breeding season.  Be on the lookout!