Police Bust Major Pumpkin Spice Cartel

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pumpkin spice bust
Police bust a major Pumpkin Spice smuggling ring

Eight are in custody after Mt. Pleasant police busted a major pumpkin spice cartel last night. Police were acting on an anonymous tip that dealers were selling pure pumpkin spice in the area and causing local women to wear fall clothing way too early in the season. Police are acting quick to collect the remaining hot product off the streets as soon as possible.

Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Andrew Baskin said this new pumpkin spice on the streets is nothing to mess with. “This is 100% pure, uncut pumpkin spice smuggled in from New England,” he said. “Just one spoonful of this stuff will make women think they can start wearing leggings, Uggs and scarves, even though it’s still way too hot for that attire in Charleston right now.”

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