Aroostook County Photos

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Fish River flowing northward to St John and the banks of Clair, NB. Canada

Captured Yesterday at First Light off the Tressel in Ft. Kent.

? Chris Michaud
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Sunset at Madawaska Lake 

? Brenda Ketch
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Spring in Aroostook County

? Chris Robinson
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Posing for a pic in Houlton

? Stacy Jones
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Sunset on Blackstone Hill in Perham

? ‎George McLaughlin‎
Ice conditions in Fort Kent
? Chris Michaud
Sunset at the Masardis boat landing

? Juliet Thomas

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Deer Rides Ice Chunk Down River in the Allagash [video]

In April of 2018 a young deer went for the ride of its life. The Spring thaw was underway and ice in the St. John river was on the move. The deer, apparently trying to cross the river, got stuck on a chunk of ice and started floating downstream.

Young deer trapped on a ice flow in the Allagash by Tylor Kellys Camps

Luckily this story does have a happy ending! Farther down stream, Bev Jandreau also noticed the deer floating by and was able to record it making it to safety.

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Presque Isle Flight Missed Runway says NTSB

The preliminary report on the accident of United Flight 4933 says that on March 4th at 11:43 am United Express landed between runway 1 and the taxiway in light to moderate snow at the Northern Maine Regional Airport in Presque Isle. The failed landing was the second attempt to land. An earlier approach had been aborted.

A damaged United Flight 4933 sits damaged in the snow after missing the runway on March 4th, 2019. Photo Credit: Nathan Theriault
NTSB crews examining United 4933 a few days after the accident

The report says radar track data shows the aircraft was aligned right of runway 1 during both approaches.

The preliminary NTSB report can be found here:

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Moose Charges Maine Man [video]

Joey Ouellette spotted a young moose sitting and not moving on his property in Van Buren on Sunday, March 17 and decided to investigate. Ouellette walked up the steep snow and ice covered Lake Road that heads to Long Lake to check on the moose calf that he thought might be injured or sick.

A young moose gets up and puts its ears back as Ouellette approaches. It’s clearly not happy.

“Moose typically go the other way,” Ouellette said but as he got closer the moose calf stood up, put its ears back and let out a growl.

Ouellette began running down the hill and managed to take refuge in a nearby snowbank until the moose passed by.

Video of young moose charging man in Northern Maine. Thanks to News Center Maine for the video.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife recommends the public keep a safe distance from moose and other wildlife to avoid injury or upsetting animals.

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New Sweden School Roof Collapse Aftermath [video]

A recent piece of drone footage shows the aftermath of the roof collapse at the former New Sweden School.

Drone view of the New Sweden School roof after it collapsed. Photo by Dennis Anderson

On June 14, 2017 the town voted to close the school which was subsequently sold. On March 6, 2019 the roof collapsed under excessive snow weight.

Many in the community feel this is too bad given that the building is not very old and many had hopes it would be put back in use.

Drone video shows the aftermath of the roof collapse at the former New Sweden School. Video by Dennis Anderson

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Deer, Deer and More Deer

Video of a large group of deer spotted in Aroostook County, Maine today. They sure have had a hard winter so it’s good to see so many! Thanks to the Pens and Needles Maine Facebook page for capturing this!

Large group of deer posted in a video by the Pens and Needles Maine Facebook Page
Deer video by the Pens and Needles Maine Facebook Page

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Harvest Postcard from Aroostook County

Welcome to Aroostook County Maine, better known as “The County”. When you’re up in The County, you’re way up north. Take a tour of the Northern Maine potato harvest with Tim Sample in this 1990s Post Card From Maine that appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

A girl picking potatoes in Aroostook County, Maine circa 1993

Traditionaly, schools in Aroostook County would let out for a few weeks in the Fall so students could help out with the harvest and earn some extra money, money that was essential for them to buy necessities like new clothes for school. While most farms had upgraded to modern harvesting equipment (even in the early 1990s) negating the need for hand pickers, a handful of small farms still employed kids to do the work.

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Recent Photos from Aroostook County, Maine

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Fish River Sunrise with rare open water a couple days ago. Photo credit: Chris Michaud
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Amish Shoveling a Roof in Presque Isle earlier this week. Photo Credit: Lovena West

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A snowmobile rider encounters a moose on the trail. Photo Credit: Jim Gamage
Humor in Fort Kent as the Spring Melt approaches. Photo Credit: Gas-n-Go Foods
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Bald Eagles hanging out in Caribou. Photo Credit: Jeremy Dugal
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Amish horse and buggy. Note all four of the horse’s legs are in the air.
Photo credit: Lovena West
Lynx crossing Rt. 11 in Grindstone, Maine. Photo Credit: Rob Michaud
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Aroostook County Sunset. Photo Credit: Rick Katie Michaud

Flights to Resume in Presque Isle This Evening

More than a week after the accident of United flight 4933, passenger flights are schedule to resume this evening (3/13/2019).

United Flight 4933 is hoisted out of the snow after a landing accident at Presque Isle International Airport

United Airlines will resume commercial passenger operations this evening beginning with flight number 4939 which arrives into PQI tonight from Newark at 11:59 pm. All future flights are expected to operate normally from that point on. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming passengers again

Aroostook Center Mall Purchased by New York Company

The entrance to the Aroostook Centre Mall seen Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019. Photo by BDN

A New York company, Kohan Retail Investment Group, has confirmed it has purchased the Aroostook Center Mall in Presque Isle for $4.56 million.

The immediate plan for the mall is to attract new tenants, according to the owner. They want to start off by giving local businesses the opportunity to rent space to help out current mall tenants.

Retail isn’t the only option for Aroostook Center. In other malls owned by Kohan, he’s added hotels, apartments and other non-retail related businesses. Kohan plans to do a market study to see what will and won’t work here.

The current occupancy rate of the mall is just 55%

With the change in ownership comes a change of mall management.
Patti Kohan has taken over from Patti Crooks as the new mall manager. All interested tenants should contact her.