My Aroostook Adventure: Spring Fishing Trip

Looking to plan your next fishing trip? Fish Aroostook! Whether you prefer trolling on a lake, river, or fly fishing a stream, we’re confident our abundant waters will make for great fishing and even better memories. Thanks to Aroostook County Tourism for the video!

Aroostook County Maine Fishing Adventure
I Survived Picking Potatoes T-Shirt

For many years in Northern Maine, school would recess in the Fall and kids would spend long hard days working in the potato fields. Pick up potatoes, fill a basket, dump the basket in a barrel and repeat. When the barrel was full you earned $0.25. Repeat until sunset or longer. Many kids would use the money to buy school clothes or other necessities. Were you part of this tradition?

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The Official Aroostook County ATV Trail Report


Finally, Mother Nature is giving a break and allowing for the trails to start drying in earnest. Most projects have been busy getting their respected sections of trails ready for riding this weekend.

Remember that most of the Counties mileage is on private landowners and majority are farmers. Farmers also had to wait to get on the grounds so keep this in mind when you see farm equipment sitting on what might be the trail, please be patient and wait until they move out of the way. They want to get their crop in as much as you want to ride.


Knowles Corner ATV club: All trails will be open for the weekend. Caution is advised as there might be washouts and tree’s down. The Delette Ridge trail and Warren Falls trail might be adventurous, if you plan on riding these trails bring a chainsaw. Not all signs have been installed so please use caution. All trails around Oakfield will be the same as last year
except for, do not take the old Sam Drew Mtn. Road to access the wind towers, instead use the ridge road in front of the town cemetery and then the old town trail up the North side of the mountain. Signs will be installed to reflect this change next week.

Pine Runners ATV club (Van Buren): All trails in their section will be open for the weekend

Big 13 ATV club (Mars Hill): All trails in this area will be open for the weekend

Madawaska ATV cub: Trails will open this weekend

Frenchville ATV club: The trails in Frenchville will be opening Saturday June 1st. There are still some wet spots. Please stay on marked trails & respect the landowner’s property! Remember it is a privilege to use these trails. Please note the following trail changes: see map.
The former C.L. Roy Trail from Queen Village to the power line is now closed. Please use the alternative trail on top of the Fongemie mountain. Signs have been posted. The Ouellette Trail, adjoining Pat Chasse’s farm, to Airport Ave. is closed until further notice. Please use the temporary Access Trail on Star barn Ave.
Remember when riding on an Access Trail to keep to the right & keep speed
below 15 m.p.h. unless otherwise posted.
A new feature this year will be a weekly Trail Report by Gary Marquis, Director of the Caribou Rec. Dept. You can view the Trail Report at (
I wish you all a safe & fun ATV season. Remember to respect landowner’s
property & to respect fellow ATV enthusiasts.
Our regular monthly meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Frenchville Snowmobile Clubhouse on Paradis Ave. Meetings start at 6:30. Thanks so much,
Bob Marquis – President, Frenchville ATV Riders Club

Fort Kent ATV club: Heritage trail is open.

Allagash ATV riders: Trails will be open this weekend

Easton ATV club: Trails will be open this weekend. Perhaps a chainsaw should be with you for those just in case moments.

Caribou ATV trails: All trails will be open this weekend. Note of caution Limestone connector trail and Guerrette Bouchard trail are missing some signage. Remember the trail ends at the Dubay Pit road on the Guerrette Bouchard trail. There are still soft spots on section please go slow in these areas.

Sinclair ATV club: All trails will be open this weekend. All signs have been installed. Attention Sinclair area ATV enthusiasts: AS many of you know we have been trying develop ATV Trail access to Long Lake Sporting Club for many years. After years of hard work from many folks, both local and long distance, we are happy to report that beginning Saturday
June 1st, 2019 there will be ATV access to Long Lake Sporting Club. However, this will not be via the well-known snowmobile trail route. ATV Access will be along Rt. 162 on the Hot Top.
YES, Ride the Road. We have been given specific instruction to advise all riders, you must ride on the road, going with the flow of traffic, at the posted road speed limit. DO NOT ride the ditch, or along any landowner’s property. This section will be monitored regularly beginning tomorrow. The section of road is heavily marked with signage. Please Ride Safe.

Aroostook River ATV club (New Sweden, Stockholm, and Westman land): Trails will be open for the weekend, this includes the Williams Trail, The Irving woodlands trail from Madawaska Lake to Cross Lake. Also, the trail from the end of the AVR to North Star store
will be open.

North Ridge Runners ATV club: Trails will be open for the weekend

Masardis ATV club: Trails will be open for the weekend. Scopan dam a lot of caution signs
will be up. Please use caution. Trail ends at Route 11 going towards Oxbow.
Star City ATV club (Presque Isle): All trails will be open this weekend. Trail 101 has been rerouted around Parsons Street. Watch out for a sink hole on trail 101 North of the Egypt Road.

Island Falls Free Wheelers ATV club: Trails will be opening this weekend. Please use caution as there may be tree’s down and soft spots.

Aroostook Riders ATV club (Houlton): Trails will be all open for the weekend. Please keep in mind that there are areas that need repairs. Please resist the urge to drive hard in the soft areas.

Portage ATV club:
Fort Frontier ATC club (Fort Fairfield): Trails will open for the weekend. They will keep a
section of 2.5 miles closed as it is too wet, it is signed. Folks can get to Fort Fairfield from
Easton and Presque Isle. Use the old trail on the West side of town as the new trail will
remain closed for another week.
Patten ATV club: Trails will be open for the 1st

St. Agatha ATV club: Trails will open on the 1st. Please use caution as there are sections that
still need work.
Washburn ATV club: All trails are open
Grand Isle ATV club: Trails will remain closed for another week, please do not ride on their

Sly Brook Trail blazers ATV club:
Borderline ATV club (Caswell): All trails are to remain closed until further notice.
Landowners are asking for your patience.

Ashland ATV club:

Eagle Lake ATV club:
Please keep an eye out on the County’s Facebook pages for the latest updates on trail conditions.
For the most accurate and up-to date weather information, please visit NOAA at

Pines runner’s ATV club will be hosting a Hot Dog Roast this Sunday at 11:30 at the Picnic sit on Route 1. ATV trail 639.

Northern Region Meeting June 15 at 9 am at the VFW hall 82 Houlton Road, Island Falls.
Father’s Day Benefit ride June 16 at 9am at Island Falls.
ATV safety course on June 28 9-3 at the VFW hall in Island Falls.
Grand Isle ATV club poker run Sunday June 23, registration is at 8am at the community center.

Amish Buggies Required to have Lights and Reflectors at Night

All non-motorized, animal-drawn vehicles in Maine are required to use reflective white tape and lights while operating at night according to new law LD198.

LD 198 was signed into law Thursday by Maine Governor Janet Mills.

According to the new law vehicles must use federally regulated reflective white tape to outline their frames as well as display an oil lantern or electric light on their left side, with a red light toward the rear and a white light toward the front.

The bill was introduced by Rep. David McCrea, D-Fort Fairfield and co-sponsored by Rep. Chloe Maxmin, D-Nobleboro.

McCrea said the bill is to make the nighttime use of non-motorized buggies, wagons and carriages much safer. Amish communities in Aroostook County were consulted for input on the new law

Fiddlehead Orders Being Taken by Local Pickers

As the snow and ice recede, Aroostook County Fiddlehead pickers are starting to advertise their bounty for sale. Many fiddlehead vendors set up shop along North Main St. in Presque Isle. Some are even willing to ship to customers outside the area.

Contact Seller on Facebook
Contact Seller on Facebook
Contact Seller on Facebook

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Squadron of WWII C-47s to Stop in Presque Isle, Maine

A C-47 stops in Presque Isle, Maine on its way to Europe in 2014

The Presque Isle Air Museum announced that a squadron of around 10 C-47 transport aircraft will be flying over Presque Isle on Sunday, May 19 and then land at Presque Isle International Airport for a short layover.

The squadron of C-47s are making their way to France to take part in the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 

The squadron will land at Presque Isle International Airport at the General Aviation terminal, weather permitting, around 11:00 a.m. and stay on the ground for approximately two hours. 

The public is invited to be a part of this historic flight as it takes part in the D-Day festivities.  Parking for the event will be in the Coca-Cola plant lot at 1005 Airport Drive with Presque Isle Historical Society’s Molly the Trolley providing free shuttle rides across to the plane viewing area.

Sunset Ice Flow in Allagash

Ice flowing down the river under a blazing Easter Sunset. Photo Credit: Tylor Kellys Camps

There was a spectacular Easter Sunday sunset over most of Aroostook County, Maine last night. Up in the Allagash, the sunset turned the river a pink glow. Tylor Kellys Camps caught some ice chunks floating down the river during the show.

River ice at sunset by Tylor Kellys Camps in Allagash, Maine

Fiddle-heading is a rite of passage in Aroostook County, marking the transition from harsh winters to the warm summer days ahead. As the snow and ice recede, locals take to river banks and other favorite places in search of the baby ferns. Pickers guard their favorite fiddleheading spots as tightly as their best fishing holes! Fiddleheads have a very short harvest season so pickers need to be on their toes and ready to go. Dream about warm Spring days ahead harvesting these green delicacies with our fiddlehead mugs, clothing and totes!


Aroostook Photos – 4/17/2019

Artistic sunset on the Crystal Rd in Island Falls last night.
? Lawrence Hardy
Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Tuesday night on the Aroostoock River in Presque Isle.
? Hazel Eye Photography
Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Solid ice jam at Rum Rapids just below Crousville trestle last night

? Clayton Turner
Image may contain: sky, mountain, cloud, outdoor, nature and water
Commencement of an Ice Jam along Ft Kent, Me and Baker Brook, NB
? Chris Michaud
Ice at the bridge in Fort Fairfield on the move
? Carol Allen
Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and food

Railroad tracks in Oakfield from last January
? Lawrence Hardy
Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature
Recent Perham Sunset
? Rick Katie Michaud
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Fiddleheads: Maine’s Springtime Delicacy

By The Maine Office of Tourism

A good harvest of fiddleheads. Photo credit: Lovena West

Fiddlehead picking in Maine is a tradition that has its roots in Native American times. Many Mainers can recall the time-honored family tradition of fiddleheadin’ with their parents and grandparents, and it has become a cherished springtime ritual. The tradition of fiddleheads is so rooted in Maine culture that there is even an annual “Fiddlehead Foodie Fest” in May celebrating the delicacy with cooking contests and tastings by well-known local chefs.

Taking a boat to pick on area rivers is a popular choice. Photo credit: Lovena West

Fiddleheads are the coiled tips of young ostrich ferns that grow near brooks, rivers and lakes in Maine during late April, May and early June, depending on when the snow has melted. Because they need to be picked before they unfurl into the large fronds of the fern, Maine’s spring fiddlehead-picking season is short, only four to six weeks long. With their short growing season, this wild delicacy is a highly coveted sign of spring renewal.

Fiddleheads are delicious and have a woodsy taste like asparagus, spinach and mushrooms combined. They are high in vitamins A and C, rich with assorted minerals and low in calories. Whether you pick them yourself, or source them at a local market or farm stand—there are a few things you should know.

Fiddleheads ready for harvest. Photo Credit: Lovena West

When picking:

  • There is an unwritten rule about picking. Only two or three fiddleheads should be taken from each clump, leaving some on the plant to mature and reproduce.
  • Pick only enough for you and leave some for the next picker.
  • Make sure you have permission from the landowner to pick.

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When preparing:

  • It’s important to clean and cook fiddleheads properly.
  • Rub off the brown papery skin.
  • Wash thoroughly several times until the water runs clean.
  • Cook them thoroughly—at least 10 minutes. Undercooked or raw fiddleheads can make you sick.
Fiddlehead vendors line the street in Presque Isle each Spring selling their harvest.
Photo Credit: Lovena West

A traditional fiddlehead preparation is to boil and serve with a little butter and salt, but if you are lucky enough to visit Maine during the fiddlehead season, the “locavore” foodie movement in Maine takes on a whole new level of excitement in celebrating all of Maine’s finest springtime treats! With the ever-increasing popularity of farm-to-table cooking and a reliance on local products as much as possible, Maine chefs are taking the fiddlehead tradition to a whole new level. The University of Maine Cooperative Extension has published a helpful fiddlehead fact sheet including many recipes, available here.

Allagash Canoe Trip

Aroostook County is the place for your summer adventure and there are few adventures that compare to canoeing and camping along the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. Check out this excellent video showing some of the remarkable scenery you’ll experience on this trip.

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Moose along the Allagash water way.
Footage along the Allagash

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Aroostook motel owner says local shoppers, businesses should support each other

Contributed to The by Steve Dobson owner of Aroostook Hospitality Inn located in Washburn and Van Buren

I own and operate two small mom and pop motels in The County, by the name of the Aroostook Hospitality Inn.

That was a great Crown and Down column Paula Brewer wrote about supporting local businesses, and I agree with everything said. However, the local business owners also need to understand they cannot scalp the local shoppers and tourists who shop here.

The Aroostook Hospitality Inn in Van Buren, Maine

Let me give you an example. I needed some toner for one of my laser printers. I had been buying my equipment from a local office supply store. When I went back to the store where I bought the printer, I told them what I needed. No problem, they had it in stock. When they brought it out to me the bill was $145. I thought that was a bit much but it was a local person so I paid it.

When I got back and opened it up, it was an Amazon product. I decided to check what the store paid for the product through Amazon. Much to my amazement, they paid $35 for the product, and it was shipped free.

I took it back and complained. This particular business said they had to make a living and they could not take it back because the package had been opened. Needless to say I have never returned to that particular business, and I tell everyone who happens to  ask what my experience has been with that business.

I believe that businesses can and will thrive in Aroostook County, if everyone would work together and treat people fair and honest. I believe that most businesses in The County are fair and honest, but it only takes a few to give everyone else a bad name.

Steve Dobson
Aroostook Hospitality Inn
Van Buren