New Potatoes from Aroostook County

Blog Credit: Patricia Sutherland & Aroostook County Tourism

There are many food seasons for foodies to enjoy in the county! Fiddleheads, local strawberries, fresh peas, beet greens…YUM

But the very best of all, and you are welcome to come to Aroostook and join us – new potatoes!!!

potato blossoms in Presque Isle
potato blossoms in Presque Isle

All along Route 1 and other roads as you drive throughout the county, you will see simple farm stands with the (usually) hand painted sign saying “new potatoes”. These kiosks are typically on the honor system. You simply put your money into the container. Aroostook families so enjoy these “new” potatoes and eagerly seek them out in early July

potato blossoms. photo by Lovena West
potato blossoms. photo by Lovena West



New potatoes are available from mid-July into October, from round whites and reds earlier, followed by russet varieties a little later. Personally, and I’m sure there are others like me, I don’ t care what that first bag costs … I am so craving those potatoes!

Luckily, new potatoes are typically sold in five pound bags and priced at maybe $5 for those really early potatoes and generally go down to $4 – $3 as the season goes on. Grocery stores also will carry them as they become more available, as will farmers’ markets. But the roadside stands are traditional.

So what is a “new potato” and what do you do with it? You love it!

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New potatoes carefully dug from Aroostook’s fertile soils have an earthy goodness. They are small, the beginnings of our famous potato crop, and can be even smaller than an egg. The earliest ones will be the smallest and will increase in size as the season goes on. The great thing about new potatoes is not only the size but the freshness of their taste. The skin of the new potato is barely there, so no need to peel. Just a mere hand washing will remove any dirt from the potato. Simply boiled are the best. Then smash them a little, add butter and savor. The flavor is as delicate as the skin.

Potato Blossoms with Katahdin in the Background
Potato Blossoms with Katahdin in the Background. Photo by Stacy Jones

A traditional preparation in the county is to boil new potatoes with either fresh garden peas or green beans and serve the potatoes and your green vegetable with butter and cream. Yum O!! Truly one of the highlights of the summer!

So take a drive to the county, stop at one of our “new potatoes” stands, pick up a bag of potatoes and give yourself a treat of new potatoes from the county! I guarantee you will be back for more!

Blog Credit: Patricia Sutherland & Aroostook County Tourism