Moose Charges Maine Man [video]

Joey Ouellette spotted a young moose sitting and not moving on his property in Van Buren on Sunday, March 17 and decided to investigate. Ouellette walked up the steep snow and ice covered Lake Road that heads to Long Lake to check on the moose calf that he thought might be injured or sick.

A young moose gets up and puts its ears back as Ouellette approaches. It’s clearly not happy.

“Moose typically go the other way,” Ouellette said but as he got closer the moose calf stood up, put its ears back and let out a growl.

Ouellette began running down the hill and managed to take refuge in a nearby snowbank until the moose passed by.

Video of young moose charging man in Northern Maine. Thanks to News Center Maine for the video.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife recommends the public keep a safe distance from moose and other wildlife to avoid injury or upsetting animals.

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