Limestone town clerks quit, causing town office to close

Limestone, Maine

The small Aroostook County town of Limestone, previously known for its smooth process of car registration, dog licensing, and tax payment, has been hit by an unfortunate event. The town office has been closed indefinitely, leaving the residents in a lurch as they are unable to complete their essential paperwork. Interim Town Manager Walt Elliot had to make the tough decision to shut down the office after the town lost its two experienced clerks.

This unexpected loss has caused chaos for the community as they now have no access to these essential services. With no qualified staff to take over the responsibilities of the former clerks, the office will remain closed until suitable replacements can be found.

Residents are now faced with the challenge of traveling long distances to neighboring towns to complete their paperwork, causing them inconvenience and additional expenses. The lack of access to dog licensing, for instance, is an issue that poses risks to both pets and their owners. The inability to pay taxes also creates a concern for the financial well-being of the town, which relies heavily on these funds to provide for its citizens.

This unfortunate event serves as a reminder of the importance of having a competent workforce to manage public services. The town council is working tirelessly to resolve the issue and has expressed their commitment to finding suitable replacements as soon as possible. In the meantime, the residents of Limestone must remain patient as they wait for the office to reopen and the town to resume its usual operations.