Crown of Maine Photos – 8/10/2019

Leaves are starting to change a bit. Oxbow, Maine
Photo Credit: Cold Woods Homestead
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Sunset on the Aroostook River in Presque Isle
Photo Credit: Amanda Sherman
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Recent pics from hikers who trekked in to the Lost Locomotives of the Allagash between Eagle and Chamberlain lakes
Photo credit: Dylan Tranchemontagne
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Sunset in Grand Isle/Lille
Photo Credit: Janet Cyr
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The sun rises over Long Lake in St. Agatha
photo credit: Richard Marston
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Sunset on the Presque Isle Stream
Photo Credit: Amanda Sherman
Early morning in Caribou
Photo Credit: Anna Lightbown
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Pink Potato Blossoms
Photo Credit: Kelly McCallum
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An early morning cup of coffee in the fog at Van Buren Cove – Long Lake
Photo Credit: Austin Levesque

Maine Moose Ornament
Designed and made in Maine by Navy Veteran and artist Robert Jones, each ornament is a tiny masterpiece. Each ornament is cut on a CO2 laser cutting machine then glued and sanded by hand. The effect is a magical 3D landscape, the natural wood highlighted with touches of pastel green and blue.