Aroostook Photos – 9/2/2019

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Sunset on the Madawaska River in Connor
Photo Credit: Devon Cote
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Rainbow at the Aroostook Valley Country Club in Fort Fairfield
Photo Credit: Lonney Steeves
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Blazing Milky Way in Island Falls
Photo Credit: ‎Adam Farnsworth
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Sunflower Sunset in Mapleton
Photo Credit: Vonda Lavway
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Northern Light Show in Limestone
Photo Credit: Bespoke Photographer
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Aroostook County Harvest
For many years in Aroostook County, school would recess in the Fall and kids would spend long hard days working in the potato fields. Pick up potatoes, fill a basket, dump the basket in a barrel and repeat. When the barrel was full you earned $0.25. Repeat until sunset or longer. Many kids would use the money to buy school clothes or other necessities. Were you part of this tradition?
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Northern Light over Portage Lake
Photo Credit: Stephen Cyr
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Today’s Sunrise behind Mars Hill Mt.
Photo Credit: Amanda Sherman