Aroostook motel owner says local shoppers, businesses should support each other

Contributed to The by Steve Dobson owner of Aroostook Hospitality Inn located in Washburn and Van Buren

I own and operate two small mom and pop motels in The County, by the name of the Aroostook Hospitality Inn.

That was a great Crown and Down column Paula Brewer wrote about supporting local businesses, and I agree with everything said. However, the local business owners also need to understand they cannot scalp the local shoppers and tourists who shop here.

The Aroostook Hospitality Inn in Van Buren, Maine

Let me give you an example. I needed some toner for one of my laser printers. I had been buying my equipment from a local office supply store. When I went back to the store where I bought the printer, I told them what I needed. No problem, they had it in stock. When they brought it out to me the bill was $145. I thought that was a bit much but it was a local person so I paid it.

When I got back and opened it up, it was an Amazon product. I decided to check what the store paid for the product through Amazon. Much to my amazement, they paid $35 for the product, and it was shipped free.

I took it back and complained. This particular business said they had to make a living and they could not take it back because the package had been opened. Needless to say I have never returned to that particular business, and I tell everyone who happens to  ask what my experience has been with that business.

I believe that businesses can and will thrive in Aroostook County, if everyone would work together and treat people fair and honest. I believe that most businesses in The County are fair and honest, but it only takes a few to give everyone else a bad name.

Steve Dobson
Aroostook Hospitality Inn
Van Buren