Amish Buggies Required to have Lights and Reflectors at Night

All non-motorized, animal-drawn vehicles in Maine are required to use reflective white tape and lights while operating at night according to new law LD198.

LD 198 was signed into law Thursday by Maine Governor Janet Mills.

According to the new law vehicles must use federally regulated reflective white tape to outline their frames as well as display an oil lantern or electric light on their left side, with a red light toward the rear and a white light toward the front.

The bill was introduced by Rep. David McCrea, D-Fort Fairfield and co-sponsored by Rep. Chloe Maxmin, D-Nobleboro.

McCrea said the bill is to make the nighttime use of non-motorized buggies, wagons and carriages much safer. Amish communities in Aroostook County were consulted for input on the new law