William Haskell Rec Center Demolished

Presque Isle’s William Haskell Rec Center is now completely demolished.   The building was constructed in the 1940s as a United Service Organization club.

presque isle's william haskell rec center
The old Presque Isle Rec Center is torn down

The city of  Presque Isle bought the building in 1946, turning it into one of Maine’s first municipal recreation centers. William Haskell became Presque Isle’s first recreation director and held the position until his retirement in 1981.   He passed away in 1986 at the age of 73.  One year later, the building was renamed in his honor.

The new Sargent Family Community Center, which opened in Fall 2016, replaces the William Haskell building.  The gym in the new building is dedicated to Haskell.

Late last Fall we created a high-resolution 360 degree panorama inside the old building to help preserve it for historical purposes.  You can view the panorama here: http://crownofmaine.com/members/panorama/william-haskell-rec-center/

Little Snow 1 Year Ago

There was no snowmobiling in Central Aroostook 1 year ago.   What a difference a year makes!  (Lovena West Photo)

Little Snow Last Year
1 year ago there was very little snow in Northern Maine!
(photo credit: Lovena West)

Car Thieves Caught Going Fishing for Lobster in Ashland, Maine

The Ashland Police Department Sunday morning  pulled over an SUV from Georgia matching the description of a vehicle stolen during hurricane Matthew.
Fishing for Lobster in Ashland Maine
“When they were pulled over they told Officer Morrison that they were coming to Maine to go fishing for lobster in Ashland. Officer Morrison informed them they had taken a wrong turn,” said Sargent Jarad Carney.

The driver and passenger of the stolen vehicle are at the Aroostook County Jail…

Police Bust Major Pumpkin Spice Cartel

pumpkin spice bust
Police bust a major Pumpkin Spice smuggling ring

Eight are in custody after Mt. Pleasant police busted a major pumpkin spice cartel last night. Police were acting on an anonymous tip that dealers were selling pure pumpkin spice in the area and causing local women to wear fall clothing way too early in the season. Police are acting quick to collect the remaining hot product off the streets as soon as possible.

Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Andrew Baskin said this new pumpkin spice on the streets is nothing to mess with. “This is 100% pure, uncut pumpkin spice smuggled in from New England,” he said. “Just one spoonful of this stuff will make women think they can start wearing leggings, Uggs and scarves, even though it’s still way too hot for that attire in Charleston right now.”

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Deer Fawn

Deer Fawn in Maine
Photo Credit: Lovena West

Saw a mother deer on the left side of the road, and the fawn on the right.   This fawn was bigger then I expected for this time of year…

They watched me watch them for a few brief moments…then it crossed the road to its mother and they were off…we were thrilled to see them.
In Mars Hill.